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HSE training for Safety representatives

This course is required for the Safety representatives and the members of The WEC. Utvikling.org has seen the practical challenge it can be to accomplish this so called ”40 hours course” five days away from work. Two days of classroom training, combined with home assignments fulfills what’s required by law. It gives more flexibility and less time away from work. We’ve had more than 1500 participants on our course with good evaluations. The course follows The Working Environment Act (WEA) and the corresponding regulations.

The main focus on the course is the physical and the psychosocial working environment in companies, The WEA and the Internal control regulations. As the participants are members of The WEC we’ll have focus on that as well.

 Utvikling.org cooperate with IOSH (Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) in the UK, which are Europe’s largest teaching establishment within HSE. Trough exciting presentation of ”dull" HSE-matters, and with devoted course instructors we’ve become the largest provider of HSE training in Norway. IOSH has invested several million pounds in research on how we learn HSE the best way. By using sound and animation combined with an instructor, the result is that it is easier to understand and more involving for the participants.

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